Experts In Storage Containment

What began with an innovative idea working in concert with 20+ years of experience in the fiberglass industry and 10+ years of aboveground chemical tank manufacturing has revolutionized a large-scale effort to produce quality and affordable underground fiberglass tanks for storage of petroleum products and underground storage vessels for the water industry. Our previous experience in manufacturing tanks in various dimensions has given our engineers and designers the experience required to incorporate many of the successful manufacturing techniques we learned into our underground tanks.

Quality You Can Trust

Nationwide Tanks was the first tank manufacturer listed to the Underwriters Laboratories Standards of Fiber Reinforced Underground Tanks for Flammable and Combustible Liquids. This standard was recently updated and harmonized the United States and Canadian petroleum tank standards. A listing with this standard ensures third party quality controls in addition to our own highest quality standard and our advanced computer operated manufacturing techniques.

South Carolina Facility

As a trusted leader in providing underground fiberglass tank manufacturing, the products from Nationwide Tanks benefit end users, distributors, and contractors across the nation. Our newly acquired 260,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Marion, South Carolina, is positioned for the highly anticipated growth of the underground fiberglass tank market. Our superior structural design and innovative resin technology give our customers confidence they are choosing the best petroleum tank available on the market today..

Our Leadership Team

Sherri Fowler

Chief Sales Officer

With a strong professional resume, Sherri Fowler, who earned a degree in business from the University of Texas in Austin, opens the line of communication between all aspects of composite manufacturing and sales. This allows her to confidently lead and stimulate continued growth in the underground fuel market.

Armed with two decades of fiberglass and management experience, with a heavy concentration in the oil and gas market, Sherri’s provides the requisite insight and understanding of the needs and demands of this industry.

A people person by nature, Sherri excels at networking. One of her greatest attributes is evidenced within her people skills as she develops authentic connections with others, establishing a high level of trust at each turn.

Jared Cuneo

Chief Engineer

An experienced engineer with a demonstrated history working in the industries of aviation, aerospace, and industrial gas, Jared Cuneo has a proven professional track record enhanced with multiple skillsets, including structural analysis, fluid systems, manufacturing, and DAQ&C systems.

A graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Jared earned a degree in Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Mathematics.