Underground Fuel Tanks

Nationwide’s fiberglass fuel tanks are the most corrosion-resistant tanks in the market today, meeting the most stringent requirements of the UL 1316 Third Edition. This provides our customers confidence for longstanding hassle-free service. Our corrosion-resistant fiberglass tanks are compatible with all ethanol-blended fuels, biodiesel, and ultra-low sulfur diesel fuels. Fiberglass inherently provides corrosion resistance from external forces as well, as they are not vulnerable to corrosion. While cathodic protection and coatings are used to stem the corrosion issues of steel tanks, these add cost and are not a complete solution, still leaving steel tanks susceptible to corrosion. Our superior structural design and innovative resin technology give our customers confidence that they are choosing the best petroleum tank available on the market today. 

Fuel Tank Installation

Compartment tanks offer multiple benefits to the retailer. The double-walled tank is divided by a double-walled bulkhead to create multiple compartments. The ability to store multiple fuel blends in one tank lowers the excavation, permitting, inspection, and shipping costs. This enables the retailer to offer multiple fuel selections where site restrictions may have prevented doing multiple single compartment tanks in the past and adds flexibility to meet customers’ changing demands. As multiple compartment petroleum tanks grow in popularity, the environmental and cost-saving advantages of Nationwide Tanks’ independently monitored compartments offer the versatility to only have one compartment down if any issues arise while the tank is in service. This also ensures the ability to pinpoint issues quickly while limiting downtime and lost revenue.


  • UL 1316 (Third Edition) listing with most stringent resin requirements

  • Compatible with all ethanol blended fuels, biodiesel and ULSD

  • Advanced design using 100% corrosion resistant resin and glass (no fillers)

  • Engineered structural layers using advanced helical technology

  • Resin-rich smooth liner for maximum corrosion resistance

  • Double-wall design around the full circumference of the tank

  • Single, double or triple compartment models

  • Dry & hydrostatic monitoring options | Independent monitoring of multiple compartments

  • 8’ & 10’ diameters

  • Capacities up to 40,000 gallons

  • Competitive lead times

  • Exceptional customer service

  • 30 year Limited Warranty

8′ Diameter Underground Fuel Tanks

Nominal Capacity Fuel Volume Dome to Dome Weight  [Pounds] Number of Straps
5,000g 5,580g 17′ 6″ 5,600 2
7,000g 6,710g 20′ 6″ 6,100 2
8,000g 7,840g 23′ 6″ 6,600 2
10,000g 10,084g 29′ 6″ 7,600 2
12,000g 12,343g 36′ 3″ 8,700 4
15,000g 14,602g 42′ 6″ 9,700 4
18,000g 17,991g 50′ 3″ 11,300 4
20,000g 20,242g 54′ 6″ 12,400 4

10′ Diameter Underground Fuel Tanks

Nominal Capacity Water Volume Dome to Dome Weight [Pounds] Number of Straps
10,000g 9,500g 19′ 6″ 7,200 2
13,000g 13,016g 25′ 6″ 7,900 2
15,000g 14,782g 28′ 6″ 8,900 2
18,000g 18,305g 34′ 6″ 10,400 4
20,000g 20,063g 37′ 6″ 11,000 4
25,000g 25,351g 46′ 6″ 12,400 4
28,000g 27,611g 49′ 6″ 12,800 6
30,000g 29,369g 55′ 6″ 13,400 6
34,000g 34,171g 62′ 6″ 16,200 6
40,000g 40,135g 73′ 3″ 20,600 6

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