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Our Fiberglass Water Tanks

AWWA D120, NFPA 22, NSF 61

Nationwide Tanks is proud to contribute to the efforts of water conservation by producing tanks that are maintenance and corrosion-free. Fiberglass tanks are lightweight, therefore easily transported to the customer’s location, and designed for efficient and quick installation. Ensuring a low-cost, long-life solution, we provide the industry with exceptional quality fiberglass tanks and dedicated customer service.

Nationwide’s underground fiberglass water tanks are designed specifically to meet the industry served. We will build our underground fiberglass tanks to meet AWWA D120, NFPA 22, and NSF 61 standards depending on project requirements for water and wastewater tanks. We analyze the project data the customer provides regarding the type of water, any chemical concentration present, and operational temperature. Then our resin chemists and engineering team review required design parameters, specified standards, site, and environmental concerns, to determine the correct resin and optimal tank design for each project. Nationwide Tanks’ technology team of engineers, chemists, and designers utilize the latest technology to produce a superior product. Our corrosion-resistant fiberglass tanks are durable, lightweight, and watertight, resulting in a longer life cycle than underground concrete or steel tanks.

Fire Suppression

Fire Protection Tanks

The versatility of fiberglass tanks makes them ideal for commercial fire protection applications. As concerns continue to grow about water shortages in many parts of the United States, municipalities and facility owners continue to search for ways to better manage their water resources. Water storage for fire protection systems is one specific application where plumbing, mechanical and fire protection engineers across the country are searching for reliable, cost-effective storage options to hold thousands of gallons of water. Whether used for dry hydrant, storage, or capture, specifying engineers prefer our underground fiberglass water tanks as they provide a reliable water source without obstructing the view or site layout as well as protect property values. All our fire protection tanks are manufactured to meet or exceed the material and design requirements in NFPA 22, NFPA 20, and NFPA 1142.

Types of Water Tanks


  • Non-corrosive, will not rust like steel

  • Durable, strong, light weight and watertight 
  • High tensile strength and flexibility, will not crack like concrete
  • Underground design saves space, allows for some insulating properties, removes aesthetic problems of an above ground tank
  •  Custom-designed per project criteria

  • H20 structural design available
  • Multi-purpose use for emergency potable water and fire suppression; rainwater and irrigation 


  • 24”, 30” and 36” Manways
  • Fiberglass nozzles

  • Large bottom sumps

  • Risers

  • Vortex breakers

  • Down pipes

  • Vent/level indicators

  • Dry hydrant accessories

  • Deadman, straps and turnbuckles

Discounted Water Tanks
SQN# Description Price Discounted Price
SQN2220 8′ 5K $23,400 $21,214
SQN2221 8′ 10K $27,300 $22,676
SQN2223 8′ 15K $35,110 $24,138
SQN2224 8′ 20K $40,710 $30,964
SQN2225 10′ 10K $33,050 $25,253
SQN2226 10′ 15K $37,195 $28,729
SQN2227 10′ 20K $41,750 $32,520
SQN2228 10’25K $45,195 $34,808
8′ Diameter Underground Water Tanks
Nominal Capacity Water Volume Dome to Dome Weight  [Pounds] Number of Straps
5,000g 5,580g 17′ 6″ 3,900 2
7,000g 6,710g 20′ 6″ 4,100 2
8,000g 7,840g 23′ 6″ 4,400 2
10,000g 10,084g 29′ 6″ 4,800 2
12,000g 12,343g 36′ 3″ 5,400 2
15,000g 14,602g 42′ 6″ 5,700 4
18,000g 17,991g 50′ 3′ 6,600 4
20,000g 20,242g 54′ 6″ 7,100 4
10′ Diameter Underground Water Tanks
Nominal Capacity Water Volume Dome to Dome Weight [Pounds] Number of Straps
10,000g 9,500g 19′ 6″ 4,700 2
13,000g 13.016g 25′ 6″ 5,100 2
15,000g 14,782g 28′ 6″ 5,700 2
18,000g 18,305g 34′ 6″ 6,700 4
20,000g 20,063g 37′ 6″ 7,200 4
25,000g 25,351g 46′ 6″ 8,100 4
28,000g 27,611g 49′ 6″ 8,300 6
30,000g 29,369g 55′ 6″ 8,700 6
34,000g 34,171g 62′ 6″ 10,600 6
40,000g 40,135g 73′ 3″ 13,400 6

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