The Advantages of Helical-Winding over Chopped Fiberglass Construction

Fiberglass Storage Tanks: The Advantages of Helical-Winding over Chopped Fiberglass Construction

If you’re familiar with the world of tanks, you know that the method of construction matters. Nationwide Tanks, a leader in underground fiberglass fuel tank solutions, offers a comparative insight into why helical-winding construction stands tall over chopped fiberglass construction.

Why Helical-Winding Construction is Superior to Chopped Fiberglass Construction

1. Enhanced Strength:
Helical winding involves wrapping continuous fiberglass strands in a helical fashion, resulting in tanks that boast greater tensile strength. Unlike the fragmented nature of chopped fiberglass, helical winding offers continuous support.

2. Superior Load-bearing Capacity:
A direct result of this enhanced strength is the ability to bear greater loads. This superior capacity ensures that helically wound tanks can withstand higher pressures, making them ideal for industrial and intensive usage.

3. Enhanced Structural Integrity:
Helical winding provides a uniform structure. With no weak points or inconsistencies, tanks built using this method show better resistance to damages from external forces or internal pressures.

4. Improved Corrosion Resistance:
Corrosion can be a tank’s worst enemy. Thankfully, the continuous fiber strands in helical winding reduce spaces where corrosive agents can attack. This provides a robust defense against corrosive environments.

5. Reduced Risk of Delamination:
Chopped fiberglass often faces the risk of delamination – layers of material separating from each other. Helical winding, with its continuous and interwoven fibers, substantially reduces this risk, ensuring tank longevity.

6. Customizable Design:
Helical-winding is not a one-size-fits-all approach. The method allows for a high degree of customization in design. Thus, it enables the creation of tanks tailored to specific requirements.

7. Faster Manufacturing Process:
While it might seem intricate, the helical-winding method is streamlined and efficient. The continuous process of wrapping means fewer stops and starts, which speeds up production and reduces downtime.

8. Consistent Quality:
The predictable and repeatable nature of helical winding ensures a consistent quality of tanks. This consistency is a boon for businesses that need to rely on the predictability of their tank performance.

9. Improved Resin-to-Glass Ratio:
Helical-winding allows for better control over the resin-to-glass ratio. A more consistent and ideal ratio ensures that the tank offers the best of both materials – the strength of the glass and the resilience of the resin.

10. Enhanced Flexural Strength (Deflection):
Flexural strength, or the ability of a material to bend without breaking, is crucial for tanks that will experience external forces. The interwoven pattern of helical winding offers superior deflection capabilities compared to the more rigid, brittle nature of chopped fiberglass.

11. Reduced Material Waste:
The precise nature of helical winding ensures optimal utilization of materials. Less waste translates to reduced costs and a smaller environmental footprint. The end result is a win-win for businesses and the planet alike.

12. Regulatory Compliance:
Last but certainly not least, tanks manufactured using helical winding are more likely to meet or even exceed industry standards and regulations. This compliance is not just about ticking boxes but ensures safety, reliability and peace of mind for all stakeholders.

Helical Winding for the Win

In the face-off between helical-winding and chopped fiberglass constructions, the former undoubtedly holds the edge. From strength and reliability to efficiency and customization, the advantages are clear. For businesses, industries or even residential applications, opting for helically wound tanks from reputable providers like Nationwide Tanks is a decision grounded in durability, consistency and superior performance.

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